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Why Hedef 106?

With 30 years of experience and know-how, we always pack the hygienic conditions for you with the freshest and healthiest products and we offer you the “first human” concept from nature. We use the most advanced technologies in the possibilities of today’s world conditions and produce products in the freshest way. Mersin and Antalya, we ship to our valued customers located in Turkey and abroad.

Our goal as goal 106 is; To protect the environment, plants, animals and human health without polluting the air with soil and water resources. It is a product of a collective philosophy that aims to protect the environment in a broader sense, to return nature to nature, to sustain the sustainability of agriculture, and even to protect the interests of its employees. Organic products do not break down the natural balance of your body, they are vital, they are derived entirely from organic plants in the nature. It contains no pure and unnatural substances.

Because; We produce controlled, healthy products!

Drug residue analysis is performed during harvesting. Adhere to hygiene rules of hygiene at harvest time. Every stage of production that is registered as far as raffia is inspected and certified by the competent authorities.

We want to bring healthy, tasty and natural products to every corner of Turkey by protecting the traditional methods, using our own fidelites, our own peasants, our farmers and the most advanced technologies in our soil!

The analyzed soil is fed to the registered fidel. Following the agricultural engineers, only sufficient amount of prescription pesticide is applied. Licensed fertilizers are used as needed. The water to be used in the production is analyzed and used as much as the water needs of the plant.

Because; We do not compromise on our principles!

  • Our farmers are not only customers but also our business partners.
  • We always strive for the development of Turkish agriculture.
  • We plan our activities with environmentally and collectively valued approaches.
  • We always support the training and awareness of our customers.
  • The happiness of our employees is one of our primary goals.
  • We give each of our strokes in a customer-focused way.
  • We do not always compromise our customer satisfaction with our goods and service quality.
  • We always regard our image as one of our priorities as always to show a respectful stance.
  • We invest in innovations and it is our main responsibility to bring them to my country. We always support social responsibility projects.
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