Our Mission

To keep our company’s values always in the foreground, to plan our activities within the scope of society and environment priorities, to present our best quality products and services to our customers, to protect our honest and innovative company image, to keep our stakeholders happy with our values and to be one of the companies with high image value of Turkish Agriculture Our goal is always to realize our goals.

Our vision

Growing in the agricultural sector, our field of activity is always to be one of the companies that will shape the future of agriculture sector by always bringing innovations to the Turkish agriculture by keeping the front and respect for the environment and humanity. Even if we are the most experts, we take the opinions of our customers who use our products and services, and work hard to develop new products with their complaints and recommendations and to achieve excellence.

Our Principles

• Our farmers are not only customers but also our business partners. • We always strive for the development of Turkish Agriculture. • We plan our activities with approaches that value the environment and society. • We always support the education and awareness of our customers. • The happiness of our employees is one of our primary goals. • We make every decision by thinking customer oriented. • We always do not compromise our customer satisfaction principle with our quality of goods and services. • We regard it as one of our primary principles to always display a respectable stance with our image. • We invest in innovations and consider bringing them to our country as our main responsibility. We always support social responsibility projects.

Our Brands


Globalgap (Good Agricultural Practice Standard)


Product Traceability Project for Food Safety

Organic farming

Organic Farming is a must to produce healthy products without disturbing the natural balance.

We Produce Controlled and Healthy Products

Freshness from the field to your table

Our Products

California Red Pepper

Dark red color 9-10X7-8 cm. 3-4 lobes, good quality, no cracking. Growing Period: Single plant sera.

California Yellow Pepper

Fruit length 9-10 cm. x fruit diaameter 8-9 cm. 3-4 lobes, ripe fruit color yellow-o do not crach, export is suitable. Growing Periog: Spring, single planting and autumn.

Hungarian Pepper

Cream colored, 16-18 cm., hard and long shelf life, suitable for export. Growing Periog: Spring, single planting and autumn.

Hungarian Stuffed Pepper

Cream colored,fruit bark medium thickness, 3-4 lobes, suitable for export. Growing Periog: Single planting.

Italian Pepper

High quality, green color, 23-25 cm., withuot bladder, shelf life is very long
Growing Periog: Single planting.

Red Chili Pepper

Dark red color, large fruity, not cracking, suitable for export.
Growing Periog: Single planting.

Stuffed Pepper

Fruit color green, very thin crust, 8cm.x4 cm.
Growing Period:Spring, autumn and open field.

Charleston Pepper

Very good quality,light green color, 20-23 cm, withuot bladder, suitable for export, shelf life is very long.
Growing Periog: Single planting

Kapya Pepper

Dark red color, large fruity, not cracking, suitable for export.
Growing Periog: Single planting.

Cocktail Tomatoes

Very high quality, dark red color and long shelf life, excellent taste and aroma, 10-14 fruits in bunch, 35-45 gr., cluster can be harvested

Growing Period: Spring, autumn and single planting.

Pink Tomatoes

Pink color, less flattened and less sliced, 4-5 fruit in bunch, 250270 gr. , hard and very good quality. Long shelf life

Growing Period: Spring, autumn and open field.


5-7 fruit, hard and high quality in round, 130-140 gr. round, long shelf life.

Growing Period: Spring, autumn and open field.

Pumpkin Varieties

It is an acceptable product with white meat. 20-30 cm. is between length.

Growing Period: Spring, Autumn, single planting

Eggplant Varieties

Black, 22-25 cm. , pointed, long harvest period.

Growing Period: Spring, autumn, Single planting


Green color, long stem, 10-12 cm, excellent taste and aroma, suitable for export. Growing Period: Spring, autumn.



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